(Optional) We offer a large and small freezer option upon request and it can hold around 50+ frozen products. Our main vendors for frozen meals are Luvo and Evol but we do work with a variety of frozen vendors and our offerings in this area continue to increase.

Snack shelves and Wall

​Our snacks typically fall into 3 categories: Chips, Bars, and Nuts. We do offer additional components such as various over the counter pharmaceutical products, dried fruit and jerky, chocolate and cookies. What is depicted is our snack wall and slotted wall which can be mounted on a wall or affixed to our kiosk stand. The snack wall can handle 70+ unique products and the slotted wall around 40+ unique products. 

Market Security

​All of our markets come with a security system in one form or another. The minimum is one camera and a monitor or tablet that has a live surveillance feed of the market. The system is meant to merely act as a passive and proactive means of theft prevention. We can accommodate almost all corporate policies such as not recording audio, fixed camera position, only local recording, retention periods etc.  

Self Checkout Kiosk

We use 32market Kiosks at all our locations for consumer self checkout. The kiosks take Visa, Mastercard, Debit and Cash as forms of payment. They are touch screen with a biometric finger scanner for fast and secure user identification and checkout. Alternatively users can login with their email address or a quick 4 digit pin. The user can create an manage their account on the kiosk or by going to An account is not required to use the market but is preferred no only for convenience but it allows us to quickly resolve any issues the user might experience. The kiosks do not provide change but the machine will credit the change due to their account. The kiosks have the ability for consumers to provide feedback and receive updates relating to current market promotions. 

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now offering office coffee and supplies services


Our fridges on average can hold over 60+ products of various sizes and types. These are examples of our locations but the choices and variety of products is highly flexible and can be tailored to a specific location. In addition to drinks we offer a wide variety of fresh food as well including sandwiches, salads, wraps, cupped fruit, yogurt, string cheese, fruit salad etc. We will never offer a traditional item without a competing healthy alternative and traditional items are at the locations discretion. All elements of our market are free standing which means 0 impact to the space they occupy.

Market Elements

Greeting Cards

(Optional) We have unveiled a greeting card offering with over 100 assorted cards for customers to choose from. Current selection includes Birthday, Mother's Day, Graduation, Sympathy, Anniversary, Thank You and Friendship. The addition of this option was primarily based on feedback from our customers who used our survey to tell us what else they would like to see in the market. Currently only available at BlueBonnet but we are looking to expand based on user acceptance.

3 Tap Craft Coffee Keg System

​(Optional) We currently offer Cuvee Black and Blue, Casa Brasil’s Little City, Red Horn.  The coffee is nitrogen infused and offers customers not only improved taste but control over how much they purchase. Click Nitrogen for a video with more details Nitrogen also worth noting the nitrogen was provided by my friend and fellow entrepreneur's gas company which I highly recommend.